Dr. James Zimmerman


Door County Ecological Mapping Project

Dr. James Zimmerman was a well known ecologist and life-long friend of the earth. He worked at the University of Wisconsin for many years, famous for his knowledge and deep concern for the plants and animals of Wisconsin. During his work for the DCEC he spent much of his time defending the importance of wetlands in protecting the groundwater aquifers as an important refuge for endangered and threatened species, both plant and animal. 

Dr. Zimmerman, in his work for the Door County Land Use Plan, provided ideas which would be effective in ensuring that future generations would be able to enjoy the same natural surroundings that we are working to preserve today. Unfortunately, most of his ideas were ignored and set aside in the hurry to develop a document to justify the relentless destruction of our natural resources. Dr. Zimmerman made many friends during his short lifetime and during his work in Door County. We are very grateful that we were able to work with him, and to appreciate this fine student of Aldo Leopold. 

We share his concerns for "Spaceship Earth"... and present his complete mapping study here as a public resource. The fifteen maps that cover all of Door County are large and detailed. We have scanned the originals and preserved them as highly detailed image files, and now you can click on any section of the grid below to see an enlargement of that section.


Dr James Zimmerman

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