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Renewable Energy Tips

Here's A Renewable Energy Attitude Adjustment Plan

As you review your personal energy inventory, here are some zero to low cost behaviors you can adopt that will reduce abuse of the environment, as well as save money.

  1.  Use cloth or string bags when grocery shopping

  2.  Try to drive at 55 mph on the open road

  3.  Use compact fluorescent bulbs instead of incandescent

  4.  Maintain a correct automotive tire pressure monthly

  5.  Plant flowers instead of grass on your property

  6.  Buy detergents without phosphates

  7.  Shop for products within 60 miles of your home

  8.  Reduce air conditioning by opening your windows

  9.  Reuse plastic produce bags as small garbage bags

10.  Recycle plastic bottles and metal cans

11.  Use metal instead of plastic water bottles

12.  Cancel abuse of the planet by not tossing “things” out

       of your car window

13.  And what additional behaviors can you think of ?


Door County Environmental Council
P O Box 114, Fish Creek WI 54212
Phone: 920-743-6003 | FAX: 920-743-6727



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