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Annual Solar Homes Tour

Introduction to Renewable Energy

WHAT is Renewable Energy?

Simply, HEAT and ELECTRICITY provided from the sun, the wind, the heat stored in the earth, vegetation (wood, biomass) and in some locations the power of moving water.  (Renewable energy for transportation is another subject, not addressed here.)

NON-renewable Energy:

Fossil fuels include coal and oil, natural gas and propane, and nuclear.  Non-renewable sources of energy are a store of irreplaceable materials laid down eons ago; using them, is using them up.

In the 21st century "renewables" are coming into mainstream use...

...not only because "nonrenewables" will not last forever; but more importantly, to avoid the severe pollution and global warming caused by burning fossil fuels.

There was a time when using renewable energy technologies made little sense in Door County. The winters were too cold. There wasn’t enough sunlight. Our wind resource was too small to be efficiently used. Energy was cheap.

 Door County hasn’t changed, but a new generation of renewable energy technology has arrived—vastly improved—so that renewables now make good financial and environmental sense for homes and small businesses in our community.

Solar thermal, solar electric, geothermal and wind energy are now excellent choices for Door County. We want you to know how!

We’re the Renewable Energy Task Force—RETF— of the Door County Environmental Council—DCEC. Our mission is to bring together, at one source, everything you need to know about effectively using renewable energy at your home or business.

We hope these web pages will be your first step to understanding how renewable energy can save you money while saving our planet.


Door County Environmental Council
P O Box 114, Fish Creek WI 54212
Phone: 920-743-6003 | FAX: 920-743-6727



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